A Visitor Story: Healing from Stage 4 Prostate Cancer with Fasting - Cancer Treatments - from Research to Application (2023)

Dear Friends,

I am happy to be able to share with you a very positive story that arrived today from Don, a friend from US who with a strong determination and perseverance is successfully fighting stage 4 prostate cancer.

Don constantly shared with me his results after trying several types of treatments. I was always very positively impressed by the well structured updates he sent me, clarifying exactly the actions he takes and the results he is seeing. While fighting an early form of stage 4 prostate cancer, Don tried several treatments of which the most recent one shows great success reflected in a fast decline of the prostate cancer marker PSA (see the graph below).

I have asked Don if he could write his story so that I can share it with you all – he kindly accepted and allocated his precious time to write the story below. Thank you, Don!

While the most effective and recent approach he is using to heal from cancer is fasting and juicing, it is interesting to note that he has also tried 3BP and that has shown some clear PSA lowering effects as well. To my knowledge, prior to his best results, Don also switched off the Ketogenic diet which I think should be avoided for “hormonal” cancers such as that of prostate.

I hope you will find this story inspiring! I do find it inspiring as it shows that there is no one-way to fight cancer. There are many approaches that can be potentially effective, and I am glad to have here a direct proof that Fasting is one such a relevant way to fight cancer. And I am very happy for Don, to see his achievements. Just have a look at the first graph below to see how he is pushing down his PSA.

Note that the post below is in its original form – I did not edited the post, as I would like to completely reflect Don’s view and approach. Therefore, this post represents Don’s experience, results and view on how to approach cancer treatment.



“How I Healed from Stage 4 Cancer,
by Don

My History:
In April 2016 my PSA was 18. My doctor referred me to get a biopsy. The result was positive for cancer at Gleason score of 8, later my surgical pathology confirmed it to be Gleason 7. I was advised to have Radical Prostatectomy surgery in October 2016. By October my PSA would have grown to 60 under the 100 day doubling rate. I was told there was a 70% chance of long term remission if I did the surgery. I was told I would be incontinent for 3 months and my ability to have intercourse would be lost for 12 months and should return slowly after that. None of this turned out to be the whole truth, I was worse on every account despite always having been in pretty good shape my whole life. I am also chemically altered by the removal of my prostate as I lack testosterone in my system. I strongly regret the surgery decision.

I was told my surgery went well. After my surgery I was told to do a PSA test at 3 and 6 months, then call my Oncologist surgeon back. If the cancer was removed successfully my total PSA should remain stable at under 0.4. My result was a fast growing cancer (100 day doubling). Even my 3 month result was 0.7, at that point I knew I was in trouble but ignorant about what that meant and still hopeful. When I called my surgeon after my 6 month PSA test he informed me I now had metastatic cancer and there was no cure. When I next met with my GP he shared with me the surgeons post op report and there he noted involvement of the cancer on two of my lymph nodes. Something the surgeon failed to ever tell. He knew my cancer was metastatic the day he operated on me. My cancer was returning and was fast growing. He told me to go see another Oncologist who could perform clean up radiation or perhaps enroll me in a hormone trial to manage the cancer. Hormone therapy was a short term life extending therapy that lasted 18 to 54 months and being a trial it is a crap shoot what arm you get. The average lifespan without hormone therapy was 5 years from diagnosis. This was the day my life changed.

I decided to research the heck out of prostate cancer. I was trained as a quantitative economist, CPA and financial planner specializing in quantitative investments, and now a dinosaur museum owner and manager. I trust in science. I trusted the medical profession to look after my best interest. I wanted to live to at least 85, and given my general health I thought that would not be much of a problem. I had been physically active for most of my life, but in the last 10 years I had packed on some pounds and was less active. For the last two years my energy dropped quite a bit. I attributed it to hitting the wall as I approached 65 and doing less. It was instead cancer sapping my energy. I now became obsessed with researching to find a way to have a 20 year remission with the least side effects possible. 7 days after my surgeon told me I had metastasized cancer my wife informed me we were getting a divorce. I learned from an Oncologist nurse this happens fairly often with cancer. I still cannot understand this decision as I would rally my support and devotion not sever it. Onward and upward she does not have my back I must move on.

I knew chemo and radiation have not so far increased lifespan and result in a lowered quality of life and a significant reduction in your savings account. I watched all this happen to my first wife after we were separated. Under the advanced U.S. medical systems and spending much of her savings she died in less than 5 years. I learned that chemo only offer a 3-5% chance f beating the 5 year life span for metastasized prostate cancer. I learned that surgery, chemo and radiation does a knock down but then it typically metastasizes the cancer so it returns aggressively. Even a biopsy can metastasize your cancer. Prostate cancer is the fifth largest cancer killer in the U.S. 1 out of 2 Americans alive today is expected to have cancer in their lifetime. Only cardiovascular disease kills more people per year than cancer and they are about equal now. Both of these have become very big business. As you will learn both of these are treatable by holistic means that cost very little but those treatments are withheld in order to protect the business of pharmaceuticals and big food. The public believes Prostate Cancer is the good kind of cancer. Only for 70% of us and only if it does not metastasize and show up as another kind of cancer or problem. A ridiculous amount of money has been spent to research the cure for cancer. I learned of other methods to reduce the impact of chemo such as water fasting. Before putting a strong carcinogen into me I need to know the success rate is worth the risk. Right now it is not even close yet it and radiation are the only FDA and AMA approved options. Clearly our political system has been hijacked by big pharma and big food to serve as their business protection arm at the cost to the general public. My faith in the western medical system has been severely disrupted.

I found all the alternative treatment information very confusing. Each time I ran into something that was reported to work I also found articles debunking that approach. I did not know what to think. Early on I still was looking for the silver bullet solution. I placed my hope in finding potential cures in the pipeline offered outside the U.S. In North America the most promising trial for advanced prostate cancer is calledThe ENTRE Trialand was recommend to me by my GP and new Oncologist. This is a double blind trial with three arms. The weakest option has an expected benefit of 18 months more life; the strongest arm has an estimated average 54 months of life. There are of course side effects to accept. I was not impressed by this option, but what alternative did I have? This became my fallback should I fail to find a cure in time. There were a number of promising drugs I found to knock down cancer, GCMAF, 3-Bromopyruvate (3-BP), Salinomycin and Laetrile stood out. They provide a knockdown that your immune system must be able to complete the battle. Some of these have little effect on you good cells some of them are poisons that effect your tumors more than the rest of your body. It works the same way when you take an antibiotic. It took months to weed through each of these despite spending 4-8 hours a day researching. I still spend several hours each day. I dismissed many alternatives based on scares I found online. After a while I would get more context and come back to them. All the while I had this desperate drive to keep my total PSA numbers low so I had time to find a solution. I found this website and a few others very helpful in understanding cancer and how others had been cured.

To start with I needed to understand how I got my cancer so I could choose the best path for remission or cure andnot get it back. Pharmaceutical drugs treat symptoms rather than the underlying cause. They come with side effects. This is acceptable as knockdown medications for degenerative diseases like Type II diabetes, Alzheimer’s, MS are not a cure, but instead a medical prison where you must pay each month. Degenerative diseases are food and lifestyle diseases. You must change those two things for your body to complete the cure and to prevent it from coming back. Drugs are useful for knockdowns the same way antibiotics work. Would you take antibiotics everyday for the rest of your life? All that does is to give temporary help to the immune system to win its war. You must also have your antibody arm in good shape so when the antibiotics shift the balance on the battlefield it can complete its work. Silver bullets are like having the bombers coming in during a battle this will beat down the enemy but it will not wipe the out. The ground troops (your immune system) are the only way to complete a victory in war. If you leave one cell intact from your bombing road (shock and horror) the enemy will regroup and come back stronger.

Prostate and many other kinds of cancer are made up of both solid tumors and cancer stem cells. Cancer is the result of a dysfunction of the mitochondria (billons of energy producing cells everywhere in your body). Typically this is the result of chronic inflammation that results in an unhealthy environment where disease of the mitochondria can set in. It took time to identify the likely cause of my cancer. Doctors who specialize in identifying the cause often blame meat and dairy consumption as the number one thing that leads to cancer today. Toxins like cigarette smoke do as well. I had been on a high animal protein diet for my entire life. I grew up in Singapore where we did not have milk but upon returning to the U.S. at 18 I consumed milk everyday until about 5 years ago. Until recently I regularly consumed modest amounts of cheese products. I have had lifelong nose inflammation I attributed to a growth in my nostrils. The doctors wanted to ream it out. Miraculously after 40 years it went away when I stopped consuming all milk products. It took only 2 weeks after stopping consumption for the symptoms to start dropping despite having been with me for 40 years. I had been taking Tylenol twice daily for 18 years after an accident that broke my lower back, my research of toxins uncovered its number one side effect is to damage the mitochondria. Other things that could have lead to chronic inflammation was excess processed sugar, processed foods and consuming bad oils. Anything that can lead to chronic inflammation inside the body can result in cancer being able to get established. My animal protein intake was the most likely candidate as well as my dairy intake since I had a significant improvement by stopping consuming cheese and yogurt. I learned that we have only enough enzymes to process 220 calories a day (10% of our daily caloric intake) in animal proteins otherwise we store the excess animal fats, as we cannot process them. This leads to inflammation and the storage of toxins. Occasionally exceeding these limits is not an issue, chronic excess is. I was overweight at 225 lbs (the highest weight I had ever been) and the extra fat I was carrying was an inflammatory load to my system. My naturopath doctor told me our Body Mass Index (BMI) was the highest correlated factor to the health of our immune system. My immune system had lost the battle to cancer. Getting my weight down was job one.

In May 2017 I decided to try the baking soda protocol. I learned about it from an amateur YouTube video. It seemed simple, low cost, short and promising. I ordered PH urine strips to monitor myself. I was shocked to learn my urine PH was very acidic at 6.0. Normal was 7.35. At that time my total PSA was only 1.3. I was successful in raising my urine PH to 8.0 and holding it there for 3 days as required. It was very hard to do but did result in the first knockdown of my PSA. This is shown in month 6.8 below. This was a 23% knockdown. I was scared by the online reports that you could damage your kidneys permanently doing this protocol. I repeated ittwo weeks laterbut more cautiously. My test at month 7.4 showed no benefit so I never returned to doing this procedure. Later on I learned this was in fact very dangerous to do and without a healthy immune system it would not work. It was for a time offered by some doctors but it is not adopted in Germany as a standard protocol today so that puts it in the not a good idea category in my opinion.

One lesson I learned from changing my diet and doing things like the baking soda protocol was how to do something hard. I told myselfdo you want to do this and live or do you want to die? I have used this question to myself many times over the last 8 months. There is a lot of discipline required to eat differently than everyone else. Water fasting is a brutal mental process, especially the first 24 hours, the next 48 hours only a little better and then after that it gets somewhat easier as the brain fog clears, but it is still hard mental business.

My new Oncologist told me I could wait until my PSA reached 4.0 before I needed to come back and he would enroll me in the ENTRE trial. This is a hormone treatment that offers you 18 to 54 months more life with mild to moderate side effects. Of course since it is a double blind study with three arms you and your doctor do not know if you get the 18 month, 36 month or the 54 month solution. In the back of my mind I accepted this would give me more time to find a comprehensive long term solution.

I kept running into promising information about long term remission from cancer due to dietary changes. There were also fewer rebuttals to this fact. Still there was not a strong common message that this works. I decided in May to find a doctor who could guide me on the best approach to use. I interviewed two naturopaths and selected the one I thought was more scientific. His program was strict but he promised me by itself my diet would destroy my cancer. On June 1, 2017 I began his program. He informed me about a drug he uses with 100% success in curing cancer, 3-Bromopyruvate. I came backtwo weeks laterto take my first injection. I had a 15 minute appointment that usually took 10 minutes. It took me 8 hours to drive each way to my appointment and I had to stay overnight each time and cross an international border. The drug costs him less than a dollar, the disposables costs another dollar. I paid $150 per injection. Still this was a bargain as many other clinics charge $300 to $500 per IV administration. As promised it knocked down my cancer. At that point after getting my PSA results a week later I felt I was going to be cured. When I came back to see himtwo weeks laterhe told that my diet should take over now so he refused to do anymore injections. Alas that was not the case.

The diet he recommends was a highly restricted Ketogenic diet. No animal proteins, no dairy, no alcohol and strict list of plants along with a supplement plan he recommended. I followed this precisely for 5.5 months until November 12, 2017. This program was not easy to follow. My doctor promised me results in 2-3 months. When that did not happen I kept going but started to research other eating plans. I did loose 60 pounds in 5.5 months and got down to 160 pounds, a weight I had not been since college. Other cancer groups like The Truth About Cancer promote the Ketogenic diet so I was reluctant to give it up. I also exercised 3 days a week for 40 minutes each time. Slowly I began to feel better and have more energy. I felt confident my immune system was in better shape. What I know now is that is my immune system was better but not up to the task of taking on the cancer. I now know an immune system will limp along with poor functioning cells for decades unless it gets the weak immune cells removed and replaced by new super healthy ones (that is dependent on what you are giving your body as fuel). Fasting resets your immune system, first by autophagy that with the lack of new material to build cells goes and dismantles unhealthy cells. This also triggers a stem cell response that upon eating that rebuilds the immune system and other damaged cells that were removed to keep the body going during a period of food depravation which includes brain cells and damaged areas of the body. It is a form of cellular spring cleaning and a rebuilding of your immune system. Getting your weight and inflammation down helps as well. Animals use this when they are sick. Humans have evolved with a natural rhythm of cellular cleaning and replacement. Our modern lifestyle has eliminated that natural process needed for optimum health.

(Video) Prostate Cancer Gave him 6 months, New Treatment Gave him His Life - The Science of Healing CLIP

My third knockdown (25%) was at month 8.8. This was likely the result of 3-Bromopyruvate (3-BP) administered by Bolos (direct injection buffered). A bolos injection (medicine into a vein) is much easier and faster to administer but it is not the common protocol. Most clinics, 2 in the US, 1 in Canada and many in Germany offer 3-BP unbuffered through IV administration. That process takes 2 plus hours and my doctor was on the highly profitable 15 minutes per patient program. I had been seeing my doctor regularly. He had trouble injecting me two times after my numbers went back up. My fat arms hid my veins and he was not good at getting a needle into a vein, or so he said. Now with a fit body that is no longer the case. He refused to administer the 3-BP until I got a PICC line, which I agreed to do in mid September. My third knockdown (24%) at month 9.4 was possibly from sound therapy and cranial sacral therapy that helped me reduce stress and who knows, but it worked. This was before I got my second 3-BP injection.

My fourth knockdown came at month 11.7 in the middle of a series of 3-BP injections that so far were not working. I was doing biweekly PSA tests at that time. For some reason this one worked. At that point I switched to weekly PSA testing for the next month while I was in Thailand to try some alternative treatments. In Thailand I did daily 3-BP injections on my own using my PICC line hoping to repeat my success from the week before I left for Thailand. That never happened. For my first 2 weeks in Thailand I just did 3-BP bolos, then for 2 weeks in Thailand I added IV Ozone, IV-Vitamin C and rectal Ozone three times a week. The normal protocol is to take these for 5 weeks. Unfortunately none of these treatments resulted in a knockdown either. My cancer advanced at the 100 day rate (standard doubling rate of cancer) in those two weeks. There should have been some favorable response by two weeks. I concluded after 5.5 months my diet was not slowing the advance of my prostate cancer. It had however helped me loose a lot of weight and I generally felt better.

My research showed that the Gerson dietary program had great results despite not being allowed in the US. I sent the Gerson Tijuana clinic my data for a customized solution in mid September just before my final knockdown gave me hope again on the 3-BP. I researched each and every recommendation they had for my “custom treatment plan”. They offered a one size fits all $33,500 program. I found out that 97% of their patients were late stage 4 patients who had done chemo and radiation and came there as a last ditch effort. Still they reportedly get significantly better results than chemo and radiation. I was still early stage 4 prostate cancer with a PSA of 2.7. I decided their juice and eating plan was the most promising thing they offered and should be enough for me. Max Gerson had scientifically developed his protocol back in the 1950’s and it had worked on thousands of cancer patients and for other degenerative diseases. I was early stage 4 so I figured it would work on me. They did not have Laetrile back then. That was one of the most expensive parts of their program, but it was not offered to me as an option to exclude and save money on. Laetrile was also a cyanide poison that mostly went into your tumors. It provided the knockdown, the food and juicing provided some ability for your immune system to improve. I found a number of areas where they made smoke and mirrors about things and that concerned me. When people do smoke and mirrors my training in the financial services industry is there is reason to investigate further. Where there is smoke there is usually fire. There are some who can do a program perfectly on their own and some who always need support. There is enough business from those who need support. A simple example is with the Norwalk Juicing machine they exclusive recommend and warn against using other machines. Why studies have been done to prove it is no different than alternatives costing 1/4 the price. I get it enzymes are critical and often difficult to separate from he pulp. Advances in equipment have ben made since the early 1960’s when Max Gerson made his conclusion. I went with the setup costing 1/4 the price. Now I have gone to a centrifuge machine that is faster and easier to use. I also use the Peoples Press, this combination gets just as good a result (and just as good enzyme extraction) and is 1/5 the price, much faster to use and easier to clean up. As they say the best juicer is the one you use.

What is Cancer?
It is your body telling you that you are living in a way that is killing you. Right now it is cancer but it could be any other degenerative disease they all work the same way. Curing one cures them all. Some are more resilient.

You have a choice!
If you want to not die you need to change your life. With a capital C.
There are three aspects that can initiate and promote your cancer.

1.Nutrition– You need to change neither what you eat so that you are not initiating nor promoting cancer. You must feed your body high density nutritious foods that have vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the right balance without also feeding yourself more toxins.

2.Stress– You need to remove those things that are causing you stress. You must adapt a new way of living that does not result in sustained stress. You need to reform the way you react to situations you cannot avoid to reduce your stress.

3.Toxins– You need to remove and stop feeding or exposing yourself to toxins that are affecting your health.

Since cancer was a disease of the mitochondria juicing made a lot of since. It offered the body a low energy approach to high quality vitamins, minerals and enzymes with very little energy used on digestion. The leaves the body with more time for healing. The carrot, beet, apple and celery juice was their main juice. I was mildly alkaline. Their green juice was also alkaline. Fruit juice not so much. Orange juice is acidic but when processed by the body it has an alkaline effect, got to love citrus. The juicing plan has shown to heal people from cancer all by itself without the dietary restrictions. You also need a strong immune system to attack the tumors when you stress the tumors on an alkaline diet. I thought my weight loss had done that. I was wrong.

Coffee Enema
I started doing coffee enemas once a day when I started the Gerson eating plan in mid November 2018. When I am fasting I do them twice a day. This is far more effective than other enemas estimates are 5X more effective. It was discovered in World War I to relief pain when they ran out of morphine. I also use it for pain relief; it is mild in its pain relief. It is unpleasant to do and challenging to learn. I am better at it after two months. I still do not look forward to doing it, but I do it. When you fast your body wants to expel toxins as part of autophagy. I have broken out with rashes both times I fasted. The second time a lot less. It is important to do coffee enemas when fasting. Max Gerson thinks it is important when your body has cancer period. I accept that.

In mid September I left for 4 weeks to go to China and Thailand. I knew that stress produces a hormonal called cortisol that damages the immune system, causes weight gain and a host of other maladies. I have been working to reduce my stress levels. Part of that stress is worrying about cancer. I decided in early November to try Gerson’s diet and relax about my cancer. I would take the next two months and focus on the Gerson approach and only test monthly. I also planned a trip to Hawaii then a trip skiing in Utah where my entire day was dedicated to my health. Fortunately I have 5 months off a year and so this year I made that my time for a full assault on my healing. Since there was a not a simple reliable program to follow a lot of my time is sent researching. I could have easily done the healing while working now that I have the basic program worked out. Stress is the wild card in that statement especially if your work is a major stress generator.

I began the Gerson juicing and eating plan at month 12.7. In researching Gerson and juicing I came to appreciate that juicing and fasting produced similar results, but fasting was able to clean and rebuild your immune system and it worked faster. So onNovember 30I did a 3 day water fast and then a 11 day juice fast. At month 13.7 my PSA test result was incredible I had knocked down my cancer by 40%! For the next two weeks I just did the Gerson juicing and eating plan. Again my result was a 38% knockdown in only 2 weeks. This confirmed my month 13.7 result was no fluke. What I needed to do was to understand why! To do that I combed through my data and kept thinking it through. I had designed this combination out of what I was learning. Later I found clinics in Germany that follow this protocol. I found clinics in the U.S. that do one or the other but not both. Dr. Longo from USC is about to change all this in the U.S. His ground breaking research has come up with a new superior fasting plan and he and his team have completed many tests proving the benefits of fasting on degenerative ideas and adding ins main goal of life extension. His scientific discoveries could lead to a Nobel Prize because this is such important work for humanity. So far he has been willing to serve both masters, humanity (through life extension research) and bug pharma by improving how their drugs work within a complex biological system (our bodies).

I had an accident 18 years ago that severely damaged my lower back. I had been taking Tylenol twice a day for 18 years. I learned that Tylenol’s biggest side effect is to interfere with your mitochondria. I stopped taking Tylenol two times on this journey. I switched from Tylenol to aspirin from Month 8.0 to 11.1. I went back to Tylenol at that point as it was reported to help 3-BP. I stopped taking Tylenol at week 12.5 and did not replace it with anything. It has been difficult not to have a pain reduction pill. To alleviate my back pain I turned to a chiropractor that specializes in helping cancer patients. His examination of my condition resulted in his promising he can get me out of pain and significantly improve my spine posture. His program will take me 30 days with 3 adjustments 5 days a week. I found Dr. John Bergman watching his YouTube videos on cancer. Now that I am going to live longer I need to get rid of the pain in my back.

My standard diet was high in animal proteins for many years. That elevates your EFG-1 levels, which promotes cancer. I had exceeded the 10% daily threshold for animal proteins by a large factor for most of my adult life. I was also well above the 20% level. I was filling my body with what I thought was better fuel because I could afford those fuels. I had allergies and inflammation from dairy I only learned about when I went on my doctor’s restricted ketogenic diet. I clearly had been eating a high risk diet that created inflammation and the opportunity for cancer to get established (raised EGF-1 levels) and to promote its growth. The restricted ketogenic diet I was on for the first 5.5 months surprisingly did not slow down my cancer’s growth rate. With a plant based diet one would have expected that result.

The Gerson diet changed my urine PH from being stuck at 6.0-6.2 and brought it up to 7.35 and occasionally higher. Fasting and my new diet increased my urine PH to 8.0 during my first knockdown and it has stayed steady at 7.35 to 7.5 ever since. It is not clear if the raise in my PH was a direct result of a dietary change or if it was a result of a change in my cancer toxic output as it was slowed down. I assume the later because cancer is a disease of the mitochondria, but I am not sure. I was also feeling better and my energy now last all day long again. It looks like water fasting, juice fasting and the fast mimicking diet rebooted my immune system so it was strong enough to attack the cancer. With cancer on the run my energy is back. Fasting in my opinion was a trigger for the fast change. Fasting protects your healthy cells while exposing your cancer cells. With a rebooted immune system I could do some serious tumor cleanup. Fasting also knocks down your IGF-1 levels, which slows down your cancer.

Don Total PSA

Here is what my PSA chart looks like compared to having done nothing to slow down my cancer. As you can see I would have been in a Hormone therapy program 10 to 11 months out from surgery. My life would have lasted 6.5 to 9.5 years on average depending on which arm of the ENTRE study I got into. I would have been a victim of cancer

How I Healed from my Prostate Cancer:
The Warburg effect states that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. My urine PH had been 6.0 to 6.2 from Month 6.8. That is when I started measuring it. Despite eating a restricted ketogenic whole food plant based diet in Month 7.4 until Month 12.7 my Urine PH remained at 6.0-6.2 most of the time. This was indicative that my cancer was having its way. My knockdown at week 11.7 happened at a time when my urine PH was 6.2, this supports my assumption that urine PH follows rather than leads a change in the cancer. From month 12.7 to 14.3 my diet was changed to Gerson juicing and Gerson foods. My urine PH jumped up in short order to 7.35-8.0. Clearly fasting and juicing caused my urine PH to become alkaline. I believe this is very important. For me the Gerson juicing diet was more successful. I waited 5.5 months to make my change. I still wonder if the restricted food list on Gerson is correct. My gut says that their juicing program is the main driver of mitochondrial improvement. Then a healthy plant based diet low on toxins and in the right overall balance with one solid meal a day is the right approach. In my gut I just do not see the reason to exclude avocados and the like. I can see staying away from foods that can be acidic in the body, but that is it.

One of the main things that made a difference in knocking my cancer down was starting my dietary change off with a fast. I made this decision after listening to Don and Tyler Tolman on YouTube. Later one of my sisters turned me onto the video “The Science of Fasting”. It can be found on Amazon Prime Videos and Zulu. The fasting I did made the cancer cells vulnerable by reversing their protection (weakening their protein layer). Second it boosted my immune system. Third it turned my body more alkaline. All of these things are toxic to cancer cells. Dr. Longo’s (USC longevity expert) human testing shows all three happen only 48 hours into water fast. I am curious when it happens on his Fast Mimicking Diet you will learn about below. Fourth, it turns on Autophagy a cellular cleanup mechanism that goes after damaged cells, which will include cancer cells if the body can detect them as weak.

My middle sister uses juice fasting to heal, and as a cleanse to loose weight. She has been doing this for 40 years. She finds water fasting too hard as do many.

(Video) Living with advanced prostate cancer

A friend I made in San Francisco told me about his fasting program. He does two days of normal eating and one day of water fasting. He does this all year long. His dual purpose is to loose weight and keep his mind sharp. He is after the stem cell benefits from fasting, which are used first by the mind. This seems like a lot of pain for that result. Maybe it gets easier over time. I am not willing to try this as I think there are better intermittent fasting plans.

Movie: The Science of Fasting(56 minutes) explains why fasting works. I provide an executive summary of some of the highlights below.

Juice fasting is a safe alternative to water fasting. Here is a research study found in PubMedhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12624474that supports it works but slower. Tyler Tolman claims juice fasting is half as effective as water fasting. The curezone.org blog on water fasting claims juice fasting is takes 3 times as long. A juice clinic in Portugal uses a 27 day juice fast for the full results. It depends what your needs are as to which approach to use. My 3 day water fast and 11 day juice fast certainly kicked my cancer’s butt. That is an equivalent to a 20 day juice fast.

Is water fasting safe?
Generally speaking yes, but it would only be done under doctor’s supervision and approval. I did it alone for 3 days, as there is general consensus support that if you stay home for those 3 days and get up slow from rest it is generally safe to do at home for this length of time. The human body and all animal bodies are made to first use glucose stored in the liver for energy then to use protein and fats for making glucose. Our glucose stores in our liver are used upin 24 hoursunless we eat. The second place our bodies go for glucose is from fat. A healthy human can water fast for 40 days on their fat until we reach the 80% of fat consumption level which triggers the body to start using up proteins found in muscles and bones to make glucose. Animals like Penguins can go 104 days on their fat stores until they reach the 80% of fat consumption level. They do not walk or exercise in this state until it is time to go back to sea and that is long and arduous journey. This second phase is not a good phase and the body must quickly find food and later rebuild the muscle. Penguins for example must eat within 30 more days. They do this every year and live a long and extraordinary life. All animals on earth are genetically programmed to eat this way including humans. Our good non mutated cells all go into protection modewithin 48 hoursdue to what is believed to be a genetic coded response to food depravation. We developed this trait for survival in our past. Like in economics (my area of expertise) a recession is good for house cleaning, so too is fasting good for cellular cleaning, immune system cleaning and regeneration, stem cell generation which fixes and repairs damaged areas of the body. The mutated cells in our body get cleaned up as they do not go into protective mode and our bodies remove damaged cells including mutated cells like cancer cells under the right conditions. Systems need periodic maintenance. Our current food abundance no longer provides for that periodic cellular tune up. It is recommended that at least annually we should fast. Intermittent fasting is found in many religions and is still practiced today. Muslims do Ramadan; no eating is allowed during daylight hours for the month of August. This is essentially an 8-10 hour fast with only water allowed during the daytime. Around a billion Muslims do this fast every year without a problem. So can you. A water fast will cause dizziness when you get up in the morning; you need to do that slowly. I learned the hard way and ended up on the floor. Water fasting also creates brain fog the first 3 days. Driving is more risky in the first 3 days of a water fast.

The body’s reaction to a fast and the benefits of fasting in general (Source: Dr. Longo):
1. Improvement and rejuvenation of the immune system.
2. Purging of precancerous or cancerous cells
3. Activation of Autophagy
4. Decreased fat tissue through ketosis
5. Reduction of C-reactive protein and decrease in oxidative stress
6. Increased gene expression to promote longevity
7. Increase of brain derived neurotropic factor (BDNF), which helps support survival and growth of new brain neurons and better mental health
8. Improvement in fating glucose, regenerative markers, and healthy stem cell levels
Note: Currently there are no drugs that get you this kind of benefit!

Movie: The Science of Fasting – Significant Facts:

Fasting was found to help the following conditions:
Bronchial Disorders
Cardiovascular Disorders
Intestinal Disorders
Endocrine Disorders
Digestive Disorders
Bone & Joint Disorders (including arthritis)

Contra Indications:
Short Term Memory

Our bodies have three sources to make glucose. Our liver stores 24 hours worth of glucose. Our brain uses 40% of our glucose.After 24 hours our bodies convert to using mostly fats (Lipids) to make Glucose. In this state we have a diminished need to eat.After 40 days a healthy human will begin using up muscle and bone mass for fuel. Healthy humans can live 20 more days on water.A penguin and rat can water fast for up to 134 days. A longevity researcher from USC (Dr. Valter Longo) knew about the longevity benefits of calorie restriction and decided to do an extreme version of calorie restriction tests.

Next step was to see if the same results would hold for humans. It did. For experimental purposes the rats received chemo at 3X the dose given to humans.

These are the self reported side effect for the humans who did water fasting and for the control group in a study conducted by the group in the paper above. The dark filled bar is the control group using standard prescribed practice before chemo of increasing calorie intake. The open bar is the fasting group’s results. A lower bar is a better result. Hair loss was not significantly protected for the fasting group. As you can see it was not perfect in protecting healthy cells but it made a significant difference. As Dr. Longo pointed out – he challenged the drug companies to produce a better result with any cocktail of their drugs. So far they have not come close. No pharmaceutical company can make money on this approach, so it is up to the administrating hospitals and physicians, or in the case of the U.S. the attorneys for families who have suffered from incompetent medical practices. The bottom line is this approach makes chemo more effective and it reducers the side effects.Hello!Dr. Longo has developed a fast mimicking diet that is much easier for humans to do than a water fast and works a little faster and is a little easier than a juice fast. A better mouse trap if you will, designed by experimenting on rats.
Here is WHY fasting works to destroy cancer.
They took three cells one from the liver, heart and lung before waster fasting. They all showed normal function pre fasting.

Here are cells from the same liver, heart and lung after 48 hours of water fasting. The red area denotes a protective layer of protein on healthy cells. This action was so fast that researchers concluded it is a genetically coded response. It is a survival mechanism our bodies and the bodies of animals have developed in order to survive periods of food deprivation (before agriculture and well before supermarkets). This same result is found in all animals tested.

One of the important benefits of food deprivation is that our white blood cells are cleaned up. The inefficient ones are destroyed or repaired by autophagy and the cellular material recycled. It appears that from a food fast the strongest stem cells are called into action to rebuild our bodies. The brain cells are the first to be rebuilt. Next is the immune system. The body rebuilds cells anywhere it scavenged weak or damaged cells to carryon the body’s maintenance during the fast. This is a great way to clean up arthritis and any other degenerative disease like cancer.

Fasting as seen in the chart below is protecting clearly healthy cells.

How about cancer cells – are they also protected in a fast?
Noand this is really good news.
After 48 hours the normal cells show the protective layer on the outside (red). Cancer cells because they mutated they lost the genetic memory to this stress event and actually do the opposite and become more vulnerable. Thus fasting exposes rather than protects cancer cells.Stop the Press this isGreat News!Fasting after Chemo has also shown to restore the immune system in a reboot. It too should be standard practice with chemo treatment. Perhaps it should be the first thing someone does to eliminate their cancer when it is in the early stages.

Basic Types:
1. Water Fasting– most effective takes the least amount of time. Hard for many to do.
2. Fast Mimicking Diet– Developed by Dr. Longo of USC. 5 days of this equals 3 days of water fasting. There also is a 4 days equal 3 days of water fasting protocol. This is for most people the easiest and fastest way to fast and get the regenerative benefits of fasting.
3. Juice Fasting– 32 ounces of juice a day. Reportedly takes 3X as long as a water fast for the same result.
4. Restricted Eating Window Fasting– Restriction of time each day for eating. Does restrict your energy. Studies also show when done continuously time without food 12 hours is preferred and do not skip breakfast. Longer fasting is worst not better when doing this continuously long term.

All fasting will get you similar benefits. Some are harder to do and some take longer, that is the typical tradeoff.

(Video) Lee's Summit man used food as medicine to fight Stage 4 cancer

Fasting is known to provide fast efficient and long lasting cures for degenerative diseases. It is not covered by insurance, as they do not pay for preventative care. Even not covered for cancer care, yet nothing does as much for cancer cure than this. Only way it will be covered is as part of a chemo protocol.

You get dizzy and have brain fog in the early days of water fasting. Food only programs like Gerson get many of the same benefits as fasting except so some critical ones like autophagy. The other things it does slowly and in a milder form and you will get similar results but it takes months or years.

Russian doctors developed the 12 day water fast over the last 40 years as the gold standard when there are serious issues to resolve. It is the fastest way to get big results. It can be difficult to do and requires doctor supervision. This is standard practice at health clinics in Germany and Russia. The first Russian clinic has treated more than 40,000 patients for more than 40 years safely using water fasts.

Russian fasting clinics have found it helpful to allow 2 cups (4 0z) a day for the first 3 days of a water fast to reduce the acidosis effect of a water fast. I tried and it helped. Water fasting is difficult but it also takes the least time. I am gong to keep working on it to get mentally adjusted to it over time. They say the earlier in life you learn to do this the easier it is to do.

A 2 day water fasthas shown to get the body into a state of advanced healing where the chromosomes go into protective mode, tumor cells expose themselves as damaged cells to the immune system, autophagy starts and the immune system is boosted. If you need to heal this is the minimum. I can do this amount but it is really tough. Both 2 and 3 day water fasts have been shown to be safe at home on your own. It is best not to exercise except mild walking and to avoid driving and get up slowly each time. Anything longer should be done under doctor supervision. Doing this on a weekend when you do not need to drive yourself anywhere is the best approach.

A 3 day water fastor a4 or5 day Fast Mimicking Dietis being used as a standardpre and postchemotherapy treatment. It may also be a good standard for once a month for 3 months therapy for your sick body (that is what I a doing). If your Oncologist is not using a fast of some kind suggest it. If he/she refuses and you are not bed ridden change your Oncologist, he/she is hazardous to your health. The data is clear, the benefits are remarkable, the side affects all positive, and there are peer reviewed studies supporting this works. The Oncologists are under the control of old ways and fear of straying from the pack. They will not loose their precious money from selling you chemo drugs (this is the only drug your doctor can sell you directly – because it does not work and they are using a strong carcinogen to treat cancer – makes no sense as it does not extend life and makes the quality of your life worse). If you choose to do chemo theFast Mimicking Dietshould be part of the protocol. Your immune system will be severely compromised by the chemo as this will help to reset it. It will also expose your tumors to the chemo more. Personally I would not do chemo no matter what today until it gets better results (much better than 3-5%) and has much less side effects. The exception would be for Insulin Potentiate Low Dose chemo (IPLD) if it worked on my kind of caner (it does not work on prostate cancer). I would follow Dr. Longo’s prescribed pre and post treatment fast programs. The 4 day fat mimicking diet was developed to fit into several chemo protocols.

Because water fasting is so psychologically difficult to do on your own alternatives have come along that work well but take longer. Dr. Longo reports 70% of the people with cancer and lots of motivation refuses to do a water fast despite the benefits. I get that. The support of a clinic helps many in the process. Many more will never submit themselves to the clinic. Thus theFast Mimicking Diet.

Breaking a Fast:
This is critical. When you break a fast the food you input is used to complete your cellular repair and regeneration. Your are building brain cells and immune cells first, you need good high quality low taxing foods. That is best found from the three main kinds of juicing (Carrots and friends, green juice, and fruit juice). Initially you want as little pulp as possible. For a breaking a juice fast you will want organic vegetables with high nutrient values that are easy to digest. As you introduce more solid foods you need to use the same gradual approach.

Juice Fasting:
Estimates are that juice fasting takes 3 times as long as water fasting to get the same result. Juice fasting is easier to do than a water fast. It is still calorie restriction and not as mentally satisfying to me as theFast Mimicking Dietwere you eat a small amount of solid foods. Studies on rats show it does work but takes longer than water fasting. My sister’s juice fast consists of two 16 ounce glasses of juice daily. One is a green juice the other a carrot blend. If you need more to stay in the game do it. Make sure to strain your juice with a fine strainer to get most of the pulp out.

Time Restricted Eating Fast:
This too has shown to produce good health results. I have not seen any studies on this to know if EFG-2 levels are reduced. Nor have I seen data comparing 4 vs. 6 vs. 8 vs. 12 hour eating windows.
1. Restricted time window to eat 4 to 12 hours a day, 8 hour window is most common.
2. The 5/2 program where you eat normally for 5 days a week then water fast 2 days a week for 18 hours. This is easy to adapt into your lifestyle. I am not sure if only doing it two days will help cancer as it takes 48 hours for your good cells to go into protective mode and for your cancer cells to give up their protective mode. Perhaps repeated cycles make a difference.

Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD):
Dr. Longo is a world leading expert on longevity from USC and has done extensive testing with rats. He developed aFast Mimicking Dietwhich may be the best alternative to water fasting. It is quick and easy for humans to do. It takes a little longer (5 days instead of 3). Optimum results are obtained by doing 3 monthly cycles of the 5 days of FMD once each year. The 5 day FMD is restricted to 1,100 calories in a specific ratio that is 44% from fats, 47% from carbohydrates and 9% from proteins. Day 2-5 is restricted to 800 calories. There are a number of food choices to do this. Dr. Longo now recommends dong this with different food choices each time if you are doing this with chemo to avoid associating these foods with the chemo. One simple method I use is two large Haas, or three small Haas a day meets the 800 calorie requirement and perfectly matches the ratio. It is also recommended to drink one glass of greens powder and take one multi vitamin with each meal. I instead made a cup of fresh green juice rather than the greens powder (I juice broccoli, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, celery and asparagus). The greens are for minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals. Your body uses this fat instead of fat from your body so it still thinks you are in food deprivation. This food will support some cellular replacement so do not overdo it. Dr. Longo has a book calledThe Longevity Diet.

How Often to Fast?
Dr. Longo has two different recommendations.
For degenerative disease repair do monthly preferred, quarterly at a minimum.

For longevity semi annual preferred.

TheFast Mimicking Dietoffers the easiest fast to do repeatedly.

Recap – How to Heal from Cancer:

Problem Reminder: You are living in a way that is killing you.
Cancer’s Gift:
Many people report and I feel the same that cancer has been a gift. It was a resounding wake up call to clean up my life. It required I learn nutrition. I required I examine what was not working in my life. My journey to health is a gift. The consequences of failing to make all the changes needed are fatal. Still when I win I get more than removing cancer from my body I will have cleaned up those things that were not working to support my long term health. My time to take care of myself has taught me much. I have also reflected on how to spend my retirement years. I will have learned how to properly provide nutrition. I will have learned how to keep my body in optimum health for longevity. I will live a much healthier and happy life on the back side of tis journey to repair my body. I also no longer fear that Alzheimer’s will take over my mind as I get older and debilitate my life.
A.Rebuild yourImmunesystem
B. Provide a healthy environment for your mitochondria
C. Stress out the tumors and attack the tumors and tumor stem cells
D. Oxygenatethe body
E. Detox your body

What Must Change:
1.Nutrition– You must eat a high nutrition density whole food plant based diet as 100% of your diet. Juicing is essential not optional. 64 ounces a day is the minimum, 104 ounces a day is for the early phase to kick start the body in the right direction.
2.Stress– You must remove stress from your life to heal from cancer. Some things like a toxic relationship need to go. All the things that are stressing you out can wait you must heal first. You need to learn to react in new ways to the things that are stressing you out today this takes productive training.
3.Toxins– You must detox your body as part of your healing from cancer. You must stop putting toxins into your body. You need to find out if you have amalgam fillings in your mouth.

Healing Plan – Changes Required:
1. Use the Gerson juicing and dietary food program. Get a juicer. The two I like are theBreville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus (easier and faster $145 USD),Champion Household Juicer 4000 ($325 USD). If you have cancer you should also use a People’s Press juice presser ($325 USD). It gets you more enzymes, which you need early on to rebuild your mitochondria. It also gets me more juice 10-25%, but it takes time to use and clean and space for preparation and for me that extra time an work is not worth the 10% more juice but it is worth the extra enzymes. Use organic vegetables especially with carrots and beets. Stay on this diet for 6months after your cancer is gone.
2. Learn to do a coffee enema at least once every day to remove toxins. Start right away and do not start a Fast until you can reliably do this.
3. After two weeks do aFast Mimicking Dietfor 5 days then a Juice Fast for 9 days, longer is fine. Repeat the FMD every month until your numbers indicate your cancer is gone, then repeat semi annually.
4. Supplements. There are a variety of programs. Find one you trust. My core program today includes B12, Vitamin D3, Vitality C, Multi Vitamin, Essiac tea, turmeric, garlic (#1 against cancer cells), onions, and dried ginger powder.
5. Reduce your life stress. You need to heal more than you need to pressure yourself to participate in stressful situations, they can wait.
6. Test your urine PH regularly and keep a log.
7. Reduce your toxin intake.
8. Get your weight moving toward an optimal level. 10 pounds weight loss a month should be your goal, or 2.5 lbs. a week.
9. Get some sunshine at least 3 days a week
10. Exercise 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.
11. Fast once monthly until cancer or other degenerative disease is gone. Semi annually after that.

Maintenance Plan to stay in good health:
1. Continue to juice at last 8 ounces a day
2. Dr. Longo recommends a 60% carbohydrate, 30% fat, 10% protein for the best human longevity. This is a scientifically tested diet. Carbohydrates are not made up from sugar and bread. Instead they should come mostly from plant based whole foods like vegetables, fruits and legumes. No milk products, animal proteinsshould be limited to 200 calories a day with occasional excess permitted, no processed sugar or synthetic sugar, no processed foods, only use good oils like flax seed oil or quality olive oil. You should eat this way 85% of the time. Some treats are allowed, just not a daily diet of them and not at the level often consumed today in the West. When I grew up in Singapore this was the typical Asian diet, lots of rice some vegetable and a little meat. Now it has changed bylooking more like a western diet with lots more animal proteins and so has the rate of cancer and heart disease. Avoid excess sugar and milk products (some cheese and yogurt is acceptable if you do not have an allergy after you are cured); avoid most bottles, cans and boxed foods.
3. Fast semi annually
4. Do some weekly exercise
5.Get some sunshine
6. Manage your stress by changing how you react to things that stress you out. Toxic relationships have to go. It could be you that is toxic to the relationship.”

March 2nd, 2018: Update from Don on PSA evolution:

Here is the comment from Don that came with this update:https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/a-visitor-story-healing-from-stage-4-prostate-cancer-with-fasting-and-juicing/comment-page-1/#comment-6997

(Video) About Advanced (Metastatic) Prostate Cancer

April 19th, 2018: Update from Don on PSA evolution:

A Visitor Story: Healing from Stage 4 Prostate Cancer with Fasting - Cancer Treatments - from Research to Application (9)

Here is the comment from Don that came with this update:https://www.cancertreatmentsresearch.com/a-visitor-story-healing-from-stage-4-prostate-cancer-with-fasting-and-juicing/#comment-7231


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