Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (2022)

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (1)

Familiarise yourself with thespouse visa application process

“What is the document submitting procedure?”.

It will be helpful for you if you are aware of the application submitting procedure early on.

Unfortunately, there is no universal spouse visa application process and the procedure varies depending on the country in question.

#1 Step One – Search the gov.uk website

In some instances, the gov.uk website will provide you with some useful content regarding the application submitting procedure for your country.

On the gov.uk website, search “[country] apply” (for example, “New Zealand apply”) and in some instances, there will be an article that provides a helpful overview.

#2 Step Two – Check the VFS/TLS websites

Whether or not there is an article for the country from which you are applying, the next step is to visit the VFS and TLS websites.

VFS applicants

The VFS website looks like this:

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (2)

If you cannot find your country on this website when answering the question “Where are you applying from”, check the TLS website.

After you have selected the country from which you are applying, it will normally give you an overview of:

  • The application submitting procedure (the process of submitting your spouse visa application); and
  • The available added value services that you can choose (such as the priority service).

The process is normally found in the ‘How to apply’ tab.

TLS applicants

The TLS website looks like this:

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (3)

Similarly to the VFS website, this website will normally provide you with:

  • an overview of the application submitting procedure; and
  • The added value services that you may decide to purchase.

After selecting the visa centre that you want to use in your home country, you will be provided with somegeneral information.

Note: Although it is useful to get an idea about the application submission procedure as early as possible, ultimately what matters is what you are told as you progress through the online website.

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (4)

Familiarise yourself with the different ways that you may be able to submit your documents

Again, whilst ultimately what matters is what you are told when you submit and pay for the online application, it is a good idea to get a better understanding of the possible options beforehand.

(Video) Spouse Visa UK 2022 - Requirements & Process | Step-By-Step Guide

Option #1 –The walk-in service at one of the UK centres (VFS handled applications only)

This service, if chosen, will cost you an additional fee.

You do not have to book an appointment to submit documents this way.

Instead, you can simply walk in at one of the locations (a list of which, if available, will be provided to you after you pay the Home Office fees on the online application website).

With this method, it is important to note that a courier cannot submit documents – the sponsor (or agent) must attend the centre in person.

If thesponsor attends this walk-in service, they should bring:

  • a copy of your passports;
  • Your document checklist which was automatically generated by the new Access UK website
  • All supporting documents (which will be scanned and handed back at the time of their visit). Whilst it is normally fine to bring copies of the original documents here to be scanned, it is important to follow the instructions given as you progress through the online website as it will sometimes specifically state that original documents must be brought.

If the documents that you are submitting are crumpled, heavily creased or torn, you should photocopy these beforehand as these will not be able to be scanned.

Documents should also not be laminated.

This can be done after you attend the visa appointment at the overseas visa centre.

There is no set time limit but we would not recommend leaving it too long until this is done. As a rough rule, try to get this done within a week of the applicant attending the overseas visa centre.

Note: This service may not be available to you, especially if you are applying from a TLS location.

Option #2 – Posting documents to a specified UK address

This method will allow you to post the supporting documents to an address in the UK.

Unlike option #1, the walk-in service at one of the UK centres, this option is normally available to TLS handled applications.

If this option is available to you, you will normally be notified on one of the last pages of the online government application website.

If you choose this service, it will be important that you send it to the address that you are specifically told of – not an address that you find online on a forum or whatnot.

When available, there will be generally two different service levels that you can choose:

The standard service –This will cost around £75 (+VAT) per application and documents will generally be scanned within 5 working days from receipt of the documents.

The priority service –This will cost around £100 (+VAT) per application and will generally be scanned within 24 hours from receipt of documents at the scanning hub.

OPTION #3 – Document Scanning Assistance service at the overseas visa application centre

This will involve the applicant bringing their supporting documents to the overseas visa application centre and having the staff at the overseas centre assist with scanning the documents for submission.

Whilst this is a method that we used to recommend, this is no longer the case.

As of recent, we have seen partners face numerous issues such as certain documents not being accepted, incorrect advice being given (by poorly trained staff), and documents not being submitted properly.

OPTION #4 – Uploading on the VFS/TLS website

The lastoption that some applicants choose is to upload the documents on the VFS/TLS website.

If you happened to browse this article in 2020, you may remember that we strongly advised against this.

With this being said, the uploading portals have significantly improved and is now what we generally recommend for partners (although please note that technical issues with the uploading portal still occur, such as documents taking an incredibly long time to upload).

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (5)

Start completing the spouse visa online application form

#1 Go to the new ACCESS UK online application website

(Video) UK Dependent / Spouse Visa 2022 | Requirements & step by step Visa Application guide

To ensure that you use the correct online application, check out our spouse visa UK application form 2022 article.

The above link is the new ACCESS UK website that is replacing the visa4uk website that you may have heard of.

#2 Select Appendix FM Partner

You should select “Appendix FM Partner” if you are applying for a:

  • UK Spouse visa
  • UK Civil partner visa
  • Unmarried partner visa
  • Fiancé(e) visa
  • Proposed civil partner visa

#3 Select country to provide biometrics

#4 Complete section 2 (‘Application’) and section 3 (‘Finances’) by inputting your and your partner’s information as asked

#5 Section 4 will give you a document checklist

Unfortunately, the document checklist that this website generates does not always list all of the documents that are required (& recommended).

This often gives partners a false sense of security that by submitting these documents alone, they will be guaranteed their visa (which unfortunately is not the case).

Our DIY Application pack service addresses this as it

  • Identifies the relevant rulesthat apply to specificdocuments
  • Identifiesgeneral rulesthat apply to all documentsthat are submitted
  • Points out common mistakesthat people make
  • Lists documents that should be included in the application that are notlisted on the official website
  • Tells you the sections of the Immigration Rules and Home Office that you have toread

We created this service because we know that there are thousands of capable people (just like you) who want to process the application themselves, without paying thousands in immigration solicitor fees.

Our DIY Application Pack service will:

  • Help you save time by having the relevant information more centred in one place (rather than relying on the information scattered online).
  • Help you ensure that you do not miss out on an important document or requirement that, unfortunately, can result in a refusal (& loss of the Home Office fees).
  • Provide you with general email support for any questions that you may have
  • Save you potentially thousands of £s (when compared to paying for full legal representation)

We are so confident, based on our customer’s success, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

#6 Declare contents of application form are correct in section 5

#7 Select the standard of service

“What are the processing times for these different services?”

As we discussed in our spouse visa UK processing time article, the following are the expected waiting times depending on the level of service you choose:

  • Standard service6 months (on average)
  • Priority service6 weeks (the cost will vary depending on the visa centre that you are applying from but will be around £573). However, as we discuss in our spouse visa UK processing time article, the Home Office has temporarily suspended the priority service due to their response to the Ukraine situation.

#8 Choose your appointment at the overseas visa centre

“My financial documents will be older than 28 days at the visa centre appointment. Is that an issue?”

What matters is that you meet the requirements when you submit and pay using the online website. This is known as the ‘date of application’.

Understanding the date of application is incredibly important. We discuss this in part 1 of our 3 part video series.


Jeff’s bank statements were issued on 1stDecember.

Therefore, if Jeff submits and pays for the Home Office fees using the online application website before 28 days (28December), it does not matter if Jeff’s appointment is scheduled for 22January.

“What about my child dependant’s application? Do we have to go to separate appointments?”

You can usually attend the same appointment as any child dependants that are applying at the same time as you.


If, when you book your child dependant’s appointment, you cannot choose the same time slot that you booked as the main applicant, this should not be an issue and you should bring your child dependants with you to your appointment.

In most cases, the staff at the desk will allow you to process both your and your child dependant’s application at the same time.

#9 Pay the Home Office fees and Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS)

The Home Office fee will equate to around £1,523 and the Immigration Health Surcharge £1,872.

Frustratingly expensive, I know.

Most commonly it is the UK partner that makes the payment but it’s also fine for family or friends to make the payment – the applicant does not need to use their card.

#10 You will then be redirected to either VFS or TLS website.

Whether you will be redirected to the VFS or the TLS website will depend on the country from which you are applying from.

When you have paid for the Home Office fees, you will automatically be given a reference number that starts with ‘GWF’. Take note of this.

It will be this number that you use to register for either the VFS or TLS website.

What is the point of these websites?

The purpose of the VFS and TLS website is that it allows you to:

  • Upload your documentation; and
  • Pay for any additional services that you may like (between you and me, most of these additional services are pretty terrible).

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (6)

Submitting the supporting documents

We discussed the various ways that documents can generally be submitted in this section here.

But now that you’ve paid the Home Office fee, you should have a much better idea about how you can submit your documents.

Of course, we would all prefer if the Home Office told us how the documents can be submitted beforehand, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

Please do not worry if you cannot submit the documents straight away.

What matters is that the documents meet the Immigration Rules at the date of application – not on the date that the Home Office receive the documents.

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (7)

Attend the appointment at the visa application centre

“What happens at the appointment?”

An overview as it relates to the visa centre from which you make your application can be found on the relevant VFS or TLS page.

Here is an example of the VFS page for Chinese applicants.

In summary, the following will take place at the appointment.

1) Your biometric data will be recorded

‘Biometrics’ is the technical term for the recording of your fingerprints and photograph.

Normally, all 10 of your fingers will be recorded using a digital finger scanner.

Since the fingerprint scanner uses no inks chemicals or liquids, you will not end up with marked fingers.

Child applicants under the age of 5 will not normally have to have their fingerprints scanned.

(Video) Spouse Visa UK Employment and Specified Limited Company Income Mistakes in 2022/2023

Regarding the photograph, you will be provided with instructions such as ‘no sunglasses or tinted spectacles. All of that standard stuff.

2) The submission of documents, if you decide on submitting the documents at the overseas visa centre

Whether you are submitting documents at the overseas visa centre or not, in all cases, the applicant should bring a valid passport that has at least 1 page that is blank on both sides, or a travel document with you to the appointment.

If you made the application via the Access UK website, you should also bring the document checklist that was automatically generated via the Access UK website. Otherwise, if you made the application through the old visa4uk website, bring the first page of your visa application form.

Remember, you must read all instructions given. In most cases, the documentation provided to you by the Home Office will make it clear what you need to bring with you.

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes early to your appointment.

Spouse Visa UK 2022 Guidance (STEP-BY-STEP) Migrate (8)

What happens after the visa appointment?

You will normally be notified when the Home Office has decided on your application via email.

In most cases, this email will just state that a decision has been made and will not let you know what the outcome of the application is.

There are normally three ways in which your passport (which will contain an entry clearance visa which will allow you to enter the UK) will be returned.

#1 You may be able to collect your documents in person

#2 You may be able to send a representative to pick them up for you

In such a case, the representative would normally need to provide a letter of authorisation that is signed by the applicant, and a copy as well as the application submission receipt.

#3 Your passport may be returned to you by courier

More information about how your passport is returned to you is on the relevant VFS/TLS page.

“Can I get updates regarding my application… the wait is agonising!”

If you are still within the stated service processing times, then you cannot really get any updates. In such a case, I wouldn’t recommend trying as the most likely outcome is that you will waste your money (since you will have to pay a one-off fee to email the Home Office).

If, however, you have been waiting for a long time and the Home Office has exceeded the stated processing times, you can try asking for an update viathis link.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most difficult spouse visa requirement?

By far, the requirement that causes the most refusals is the financial requirement. It is therefore very important that you take the time to familiarise yourself with the Home Office guidance (& our free, detailed guides) regarding this.

Can I submit the spouse visa application without an immigration lawyer?

You can absolutely submit the spouse visa application without the help of an immigration lawyer - as long as you take the time required to really read into the spouse visa requirements (many of which we discuss in detail on this website).

Do I have to submit original supporting documentation?

Fortunately, the spouse visa process has changed so that submitting copies of the supporting documents is perfectly fine.

How do I submit the supporting documents?

The document submission procedure is something that varies from country-to-country. This is something that becomes much more clear as you progress through the spouse visa online application. You can, however, follow the instructions in this article to help you get a better idea regarding the options available to you.

Want help?

We hope that you found this guide helpful.

Feel free to read some more free content that we have written.

(Video) UK SPOUSE VISA 2022 Updates | UK Dependent Visa | How To get UK Spouse Visa | UK Visa - UKVI

If you would like to receive a custom-tailored document checklist and letter templates,you can consider our £385 DIY Application Pack Service.

Alternatively, if you would like us to deal with your application from start to finish, we provide aFull Legal Representation Service.


How long does spouse visa take UK 2022? ›

You should get a decision within 24 weeks once you attend your appointment at the visa application centre, if you are applying to settle in the UK as the spouse, partner or family member of someone who has British citizenship or is settled in the UK.

Can I apply for ILR after 2.5 years on spouse visa? ›

A UK Spouse Visa extension / renewal enables those eligible to remain in the UK for a further 30 months (2.5 years). After this period, they will have spent 5 years in the UK on a Spouse Visa and will be eligible to apply for ILR.

How long is ILR taking 2022? ›

within 6 months of applying online if it's for settlement (also called 'indefinite leave to remain')

How can I speed up my UK spouse visa? ›

If you're eligible you can choose the 'priority service' when you apply. It costs £500 in addition to the application fee. You'll get a decision within 5 working days.

How can I speed up my spouse visa? ›

You can generally request expedited processing by calling the USCIS Contact Center at 800-375-5283 (TTY 800-767-1833) or by asking Emma after you have obtained a receipt notice. (You can access Emma by clicking on the Ask Emma icon on the top right of this page).

What is the 28 day rule UK spouse visa? ›

Applicants who are granted entry clearance as a spouse of a British citizen will be granted a 2 and a half year visa. In order to remain in the UK, Applicants are required to submit a spouse visa extension application for a further 2 and half a year visa, 28 days prior to the expiry of the visa.

How much savings do you need for spouse visa? ›

The requirements that an applicant must meet in order to obtain a spouse visa are set out in Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules. These rules contain a minimum income requirement of at least £18,600 or a cash savings requirement of at least £62,500 (or a combination of both).

What documents are required for spouse visa UK? ›

The Spouse Visa document checklist

A valid passport or other form of valid travel ID. Copies of the photo page and any visa or entry stamps in your previous passports. Your civil partnership or marriage certificate. Your tuberculosis test results if you are from a country where this is required.

What is the spousal visa process? ›

If you are a U.S. citizen, once you file Form I-130, your spouse is eligible to apply for a nonimmigrant K-3 visa. This will entitle him or her to come to the United States to live and work while the visa petition is pending. To petition for this benefit, file Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e).

Can I apply for ILR after 2.5 years? ›

Qualifying for Indefinite Leave to Remain

Certain applicants can apply for ILR after 2 years, while the majority can do so after 5 years residence if all other requirements are met. There is also a 10-year route for people who lived in the UK lawfully for a continuous period of 10 years.

What is the success rate of spouse visa UK? ›

Therefore, the UK family (spouse) visa success rate 2019 is 79.78%.
UK Spouse Visa Refusal Rate by Country 2019.
NationalityFamily Visa UK Refusal Rate by Country 2019
Other nationalities22.31%
Family Visa UK Refusal Rate 201919.61%
20 more rows
23 Nov 2018

How do I know if my UK visa is approved 2022? ›

You'll be given either: a sticker (called a vignette) that goes in your passport - if you gave your biometric information at a visa application centre. access to view your immigration status information online - if you used the smartphone app to prove your identity.

Why does UK spouse visa take so long? ›

Considering the disruptions that the ongoing covid era has caused in travels and courier routes, the UK spouse visa processing time 2022 could be a little bit longer as compared to pre-Covid years. This is because the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) might experience slight delays in assessing applications.

Why is UK visa 2022 so long? ›

April 2022 Update: Priority and super priority visa services have been temporarily suspended for new study, work and family visa applications made outside the UK to join family in the UK. Standard visitor visa applications are currently taking on average 6 weeks to process.

Why do spouse visa get rejected UK? ›

UK Spouse visa applications are commonly refused for the following reasons: The minimum financial requirements (i.e income of £18,600 per year or saving £62,500) are not met. Immigration officials believe your marriage is not genuine or subsisting. You have submitted incorrect documentation.

How long does spouse visa take 2022? ›

Spousal Sponsorship I-130 Processing Time 2022

It will usually take anywhere from 7 to 24 months for USCIS to process and approve a spousal sponsorship visa. It can take an additional 6 to 10 months to get an immigrant visa to the US.

How long it takes for UK spouse is granted? ›

The Spouse Visa processing time

It usually takes between 2 to 12 weeks for a Spouse Visa case to be processed but this time can vary depending on the documents provided and the country where the application is submitted from.

How long is spousal visa processing? ›

Spouses of U.S.

If your spouse is a U.S. citizen and you currently live in the United States, it takes on average 12-22 months to get a marriage-based green card. Spouses of U.S. citizens living in the United States can file their I-130 and their I-485 at the same time.

How long is the wait for spousal visa? ›

Spouse Visa Processing Time

A U.S. citizen petitioner can apply for a visa once Form I-130 is approved by USCIS. The processing time for the visa is often between 3 and 5 months. Since there are no limits on visa numbers when immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are in question, these applications have priority.

How long does it take for spouse visa to be approved? ›

The standard spouse visa UK processing time in 2022 is currently 6 months (on average) if you are making the application from outside the UK and 6-8 weeks (on average) if you are making the application from inside the UK.

How much bank statement is required for UK spouse visa? ›

You'll need to provide proof of your income with your application. If you or your partner are employed, you could include: bank statements showing you or your partner's income. 6 months of payslips.

How long can you stay abroad on spouse visa UK? ›

The absence rule for most UK visas is that in order to qualify for ILR after 5 years you must not have spend more than 180 days outside the UK in any 12 months during the qualifying period. However, there is no absence limit for Spouse Visa holders.

Is there a time limit to enter UK after getting spouse visa? ›

Intention to live together permanently in the UK

When a person first obtains a spouse or partner visa, they will be granted an initial period of permission to stay in the UK. This will be for 33 months if applying from abroad, or 30 months following an in-country application.

What documents I need for spouse visa? ›

You'll need to provide:
  • all your names.
  • your date of birth.
  • your current passport or other valid travel ID.
  • copies of the photo page and any visa or entry stamps in your previous passports.
  • a copy of your biometric residence permit, if you have one.
  • details of any previous immigration applications you've made.

Is bank statement necessary for spouse visa? ›

Documents needed to prove financial dependence for a spouse visa application will depend on the type of income being relied on, but would usually include: Six months' of payslips. Recent bank statements showing the applicant's and their spouse's income.

How much does it cost to bring spouse to UK? ›

For each adult (18 or older) it costs: £1,560 if you're staying for 2 years and 6 months. £1,872 if you're staying for 2 years and 9 months. £3,120 if you're staying for 5 years.

Can I get UK spouse visa without interview? ›

A spouse visa interview is not a mandatory part of the Spouse Visa application process; however, if you are asked to attend one, whether as an applicant or a sponsor, its importance cannot be underestimated.

Which language test is required for UK spouse visa? ›

You must pass at least level A1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ( CEFR ) scale for your first visa application. You can choose to take a higher level test.

Can I get UK spouse visa without ielts? ›

You need a valid English Language test for UK Visa score to study, work or migrate to the UK. If you wish to get a UK Spouse Visa, you will need a valid IELTS for UKVI score.

Why do spousal visas get denied? ›

The number one reason for spousal visa denials is failing to meet the income requirement for the affidavit of support.

What is the benefit of spouse visa? ›

What is the biggest advantage of being on a spouse visa? The main advantage of the UK spouse visa is that it has no work restrictions. Unlike a work visa, where you are only allowed to work for your sponsored employer, you may be employed by anyone on a spouse visa.

Is spouse visa a permanent resident? ›

Entitlements of Spouse Visa (subclass 820/801 & 309/100)

The spouse Visa will grant you a temporary residency visa.

What is a 10 year route spouse visa? ›

Time you've spent in the UK if you're on the 10 year route. You must have been living in the UK for at least 10 continuous years. You can include time you've spent on any other visas which lead to indefinite leave to remain. You cannot include time you've spent in the UK as a fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner.

Which visa is faster fiance or spouse? ›

Application Process and Timeline for Fiancé(e) and Spousal Visa. If your main goal is to get to the U.S. as quickly as possible, then the K-1 fiancé(e) visa is likely the fastest option. But if your goal is to get an actual green card as soon as possible, then a marriage-based visa will be quicker.

Is it difficult get a partner visa in UK? ›

The application for an Unmarried Partner Visa can be particularly complex due to the strict requirements that you will have to meet. You will need to prove to the Home Office that you are in a genuine and subsisting relationship with your UK partner.

How long does it take to get a spouse visa 2022? ›

Spousal Sponsorship I-130 Processing Time 2022

It will usually take anywhere from 7 to 24 months for USCIS to process and approve a spousal sponsorship visa. It can take an additional 6 to 10 months to get an immigrant visa to the US.

How long does it take UK visa to come out 2022? ›

Standard visitor visa applications are taking on an average of six weeks to process.

How long does marriage visa take 2022? ›

The processing time for a K-1 fiancé visa application currently averages 6 months. Note this does not include the time from when your application is approved to your interview date, which differs based on the country you're applying from.

How long does it take for a spouse to get permanent residency? ›

Spouses of U.S.

If your spouse is a U.S. citizen and you currently live in the United States, it takes on average 12-22 months to get a marriage-based green card. Spouses of U.S. citizens living in the United States can file their I-130 and their I-485 at the same time.

How much is a UK spouse visa 2022? ›

How much does a Spouse Visa cost? The cost of a UK spouse visa in 2022 is £1,523 for applications made from outside the UK. For those applying from with the UK and with an already existing valid UK visa then the cost is £1,033.

How fast can you get a spouse visa? ›

Spouse Visa Processing Time

A U.S. citizen petitioner can apply for a visa once Form I-130 is approved by USCIS. The processing time for the visa is often between 3 and 5 months. Since there are no limits on visa numbers when immediate relatives of U.S. citizens are in question, these applications have priority.

Why is my UK spouse visa taking so long? ›

Processing times have recently been affected by COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. For example, partner visa applications from outside the UK, which usually take 12 weeks to process, are currently taking up to 24 weeks to process from the date of biometric enrolment at a visa application centre.

Can visa processing time 2022? ›

Canada is experiencing a large volume of LMIA applications in 2022, which can result in longer processing times and possible delays, especially seen in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Depending on which LMIA you apply for, it can take anywhere from 8-29 business days to process your application.

What percentage of marriage visas are approved? ›

But considering the USDHS statistics table, experience, and other sources, the spouses' approval rating goes as far as 99%. On the other side, the K-1 visa statistics show a bit less of approval percentage: around 80% of applicants.

What happens after UK spouse visa is approved? ›

Once your visa has been granted you will be given a letter confirming this and a vignette (sticker) in your passport. If your application was for a visa that is six months or less then this vignette will be valid for your stay in the UK.


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